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World Cup Posters

2010 World Cup Posters

Fredo just uploaded some posters to help you keep track of your favorite teams at the 2010 World Cup. They are free to download. Check’em out.

Getting Pretty Ugly

I’ve joined forces with my good friend Alfredo Silva to offer our professional web technology services together under one banner. We’re calling the company Pretty Ugly Interactive. Very exciting times ahead. Head over to see some of our latest work featured in our gallery.

Snippage for AIR 1.0

Just a quick update to make Snippage work with AIR 1.0. I’m currently planning a rebuild from scratch with tons of new features so stay tuned.

The Joost of It

This might be old news to some out there, but I started working as UX Lead for Joost last month. I’m really excited about the new things coming down the pipes for us. Lots of cool projects to develop. Once some of the stuff I’m working on becomes public, I’ll try to post about it. Also have some personal projects I’ve been meaning to work on but Joost keeps me busy.

Resigned from Comcast

So, yesterday I resigned from my position as UX Lead for Comcast Interactive Media. I’ve been struggling with this for a while, but I just felt that it’s about time I moved on. I’ve made some good friends and met many extremely talented people during my time there, and hopefully we’ll stay in touch. My most sincere thanks go out to all those I’ve worked with while at CIM. It’s been a great experience that has changed me tremendously. For now, I’ll concentrate on my consulting work, but am considering a couple of job offers so things might change soon. Anyways, whatever I end up doing, I’ll try to keep this site up to date.

Dang, I just realized I’ll have to pay for cable now.

Snippage 1.0 R10 for new AIR Beta 2

Yep, new version up. Unfortunately no new features. Just a quick update for the new AIR Beta 2. Because it’s a new runtime, you will need to upgrade manually instead of relying on Snippage’s auto-update feature. anyways, check it out at

And thanks to Adobe for mentioning Snippage at the keynote for MAX. Very cool!

Snippage 1.0 R8

Just uploaded Release 8 of Snippage with a bunch of interaction tweaks and bug fixes. Also includes auto-updating (thanks to some very nice code from côdeazur) so upgrading to future releases will be less painful. I really appreciate all the support and positive feedback I’ve been getting over this app. Thanks to all. And please, keep the suggestions coming.

Snippage AIR app

I’ve been playing around with the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for the last week or so, and came up with a little app. It started out as just a test to teach myself the ins and outs of as3 development in Flex Builder and AIR, but I’ve shown it to some friends and they seem to like it. Basically, it lets you easily make widgets out of parts of *almost any web page. You do so by opening “snips” which are little web browsers you can crop down. It’s a simple concept, but it’s surprisingly powerful. I keep finding new uses for them. They also have options like auto refresh, and linking out to your default browser. Obviously, it’s early in development, and it’s built on AIR witch is currently in Beta, so it might behave unexpectedly. If you’re OK with that, go check it out.

*AIR doesn’t support embedded Flash in HTMLComponent yet. I assure you, the irony does not escape me. But Adobe said it will be releasing new versions for this year’s MAX, so I’ll update the app once it’s out.

Reach Out and Pownce Someone

It was originally described to me as a kind of AIM meets Twitter meets FaceBook thing, and ever since, I’ve been wanting to give it a try. This morning I finally received a Pownce invite and, though it’s not at all what I expected, it is definitely a cool app/service that is worth a look. Although it is indeed a bizarre mixture of the above ingredients, what was most unexpected was their proportions. Anyways, if you get the chance, do check it out.

Preview is Up!

Ok, so technically it’s Saturday morning here, but it’s gotta be Friday night somewhere out there, right? Anyways, the preview is up here and I’ve set up a page to handle comments and information here, so go in and mess around with it. It’s got some bugs and plenty of missing features, but I’ll keep working on it once I get back from FITC. Have a good weekend everybody!