the Fan 3.0

by gabo

So we just started conceptualizing a new Fan video player and I was thinking it would be a nice time to make a post about good ol’ 3.0.

For those of you how haven’t heard of it, the Fan is the video player/delivery system for most of Comcast’s online network. It has been extremely well received by the public taking home the FlashForward 2006 People’s Choice award. This was the second project I worked on when I started at Comcast. I was responsible for the tab behavior, the curved menus on the sides, and the pop-up balloon menus that show up thought the interface. The design was done by the Alfredo Silva and the coding for the play-lists and video player (and other stuff) was done by Jeremy Landis. Currently, the Fan is maintained by Arpit Mathur and his crew.

You can only see the live version if you’re a Comcast subscriber at, but the beta version over at is available to anybody.