Flash and Burn

by gabo

Progress on the Flash front end for this site is coming along nicely. I might upload a preview pretty soon, though most of my time is being taken up by my job and a freelance project I’m working on with Fredo. Anyways, I’m doing it in AS3 so it’s taking me some extra time to get used to all the new goodies in Flash 9 (or is it CS3?). Yes, the new Creative Studio 3 stuff is about to be announced and, even though I’m fairly confident they’ll do ok with the new Flash IDE (judging by the Flex 2 IDE), I’m seriously hoping Fireworks doesn’t get left behind. Improved psd importing is a good thing, but if the biggest selling point for this new release is that image-gallery-maker-thinggy, I will not be impressed. I guess I should be grateful it didnt go the way of Freehand, but I just love my Fireworks. Don’t get me wrong, Photoshop is great for… uhm, “photoshopping”… but for interfaces, widgets, and general web stuff, Fireworks is the proverbial “shit“.

Also, I’ll be switching hosts pretty soon so there might be some down time. Probably not though, just sayn’.