Snippage AIR app

by gabo

I’ve been playing around with the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for the last week or so, and came up with a little app. It started out as just a test to teach myself the ins and outs of as3 development in Flex Builder and AIR, but I’ve shown it to some friends and they seem to like it. Basically, it lets you easily make widgets out of parts of *almost any web page. You do so by opening “snips” which are little web browsers you can crop down. It’s a simple concept, but it’s surprisingly powerful. I keep finding new uses for them. They also have options like auto refresh, and linking out to your default browser. Obviously, it’s early in development, and it’s built on AIR witch is currently in Beta, so it might behave unexpectedly. If you’re OK with that, go check it out.

*AIR doesn’t support embedded Flash in HTMLComponent yet. I assure you, the irony does not escape me. But Adobe said it will be releasing new versions for this year’s MAX, so I’ll update the app once it’s out.