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Reach Out and Pownce Someone

It was originally described to me as a kind of AIM meets Twitter meets FaceBook thing, and ever since, I’ve been wanting to give it a try. This morning I finally received a Pownce invite and, though it’s not at all what I expected, it is definitely a cool app/service that is worth a look. [...]

Preview is Up!

Ok, so technically it’s Saturday morning here, but it’s gotta be Friday night somewhere out there, right? Anyways, the preview is up here and I’ve set up a page to handle comments and information here, so go in and mess around with it. It’s got some bugs and plenty of missing features, but I’ll keep [...]

Gabo of the Klondike

I’m trying to get the Flash preview site up before we leave for Toronto on Saturday but things just keep piling-up. It won’t be feature complete but it’s kinda fun to play with, so I’ll put it up regardless of its state. I want to get as much feedback as I can on it. This [...]

Flashified PixelBreath preview is Coming Soon (maybe?)

Things have seriously slowed down with the Flash GUI I’ve been working on. I’ll try to have a preview up later this week. Arpit has been on my back trying to get me to show it, but other projects are sucking up my time. Argh! Also got hit by a minivan while riding my bike. [...]

Flash and Burn

Progress on the Flash front end for this site is coming along nicely. I might upload a preview pretty soon, though most of my time is being taken up by my job and a freelance project I’m working on with Fredo. Anyways, I’m doing it in AS3 so it’s taking me some extra time to [...]


Yep. I’m starting a blog. Why? … Well, it’s mostly to blow off steam. I’ll be making a Flash front-end for WordPress so there will be a lot of posts about that. I might even experiment a bit with WPF. Who knows? So, a blog about building a blog? Well, I’ll also be posting a [...]