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Getting Pretty Ugly

I’ve joined forces with my good friend Alfredo Silva to offer our professional web technology services together under one banner. We’re calling the company Pretty Ugly Interactive. Very exciting times ahead. Head over to see some of our latest work featured in our gallery.

The Joost of It

This might be old news to some out there, but I started working as UX Lead for Joost last month. I’m really excited about the new things coming down the pipes for us. Lots of cool projects to develop. Once some of the stuff I’m working on becomes public, I’ll try to post about it. [...]

Resigned from Comcast

So, yesterday I resigned from my position as UX Lead for Comcast Interactive Media. I’ve been struggling with this for a while, but I just felt that it’s about time I moved on. I’ve made some good friends and met many extremely talented people during my time there, and hopefully we’ll stay in touch. My [...]

Fan 4 is square?

The alpha for Fan 4 square mode is up at cimlabs. I had little to do with this one but I think it’s a step in the right direction. We start work on the Fan 4 ‘circular mode’ tomorrow, and I’d love to hear suggestions from you guys. Any features you’d like to see?

the Fan 3.0

So we just started conceptualizing a new Fan video player and I was thinking it would be a nice time to make a post about good ol’ 3.0. For those of you how haven’t heard of it, the Fan is the video player/delivery system for most of Comcast’s online network. It has been extremely well [...]