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Month: March, 2007

New URL for the Blog

Just a quick reminder to please update your links to the new URL: Note 2: This is also an excuse to post another “note” since I’m playing around with the css on the site .


The move to the new server went smoothly. woot!

Flash and Burn

Progress on the Flash front end for this site is coming along nicely. I might upload a preview pretty soon, though most of my time is being taken up by my job and a freelance project I’m working on with Fredo. Anyways, I’m doing it in AS3 so it’s taking me some extra time to [...]

the Fan 3.0

So we just started conceptualizing a new Fan video player and I was thinking it would be a nice time to make a post about good ol’ 3.0. For those of you how haven’t heard of it, the Fan is the video player/delivery system for most of Comcast’s online network. It has been extremely well [...]


Yep. I’m starting a blog. Why? … Well, it’s mostly to blow off steam. I’ll be making a Flash front-end for WordPress so there will be a lot of posts about that. I might even experiment a bit with WPF. Who knows? So, a blog about building a blog? Well, I’ll also be posting a [...]