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Gabo of the Klondike

I’m trying to get the Flash preview site up before we leave for Toronto on Saturday but things just keep piling-up. It won’t be feature complete but it’s kinda fun to play with, so I’ll put it up regardless of its state. I want to get as much feedback as I can on it.

This is my first FITC but I’ve heard good things about it so I’m pretty excited. And the fact that this also happens to be my first time to Canada makes it even better. Kodiak Marmosets aside, this trip sounds like it will be a blast. Even the Chumby guys are going.

Fan 4 is square?

The alpha for Fan 4 square mode is up at cimlabs. I had little to do with this one but I think it’s a step in the right direction. We start work on the Fan 4 ‘circular mode’ tomorrow, and I’d love to hear suggestions from you guys. Any features you’d like to see?

Flashified PixelBreath preview is Coming Soon (maybe?)

Things have seriously slowed down with the Flash GUI I’ve been working on. I’ll try to have a preview up later this week. Arpit has been on my back trying to get me to show it, but other projects are sucking up my time. Argh! Also got hit by a minivan while riding my bike. Fun…

New URL for the Blog

Just a quick reminder to please update your links to the new URL:
Note 2: This is also an excuse to post another “note” since I’m playing around with the css on the site :) .


The move to the new server went smoothly. woot!

Flash and Burn

Progress on the Flash front end for this site is coming along nicely. I might upload a preview pretty soon, though most of my time is being taken up by my job and a freelance project I’m working on with Fredo. Anyways, I’m doing it in AS3 so it’s taking me some extra time to get used to all the new goodies in Flash 9 (or is it CS3?). Yes, the new Creative Studio 3 stuff is about to be announced and, even though I’m fairly confident they’ll do ok with the new Flash IDE (judging by the Flex 2 IDE), I’m seriously hoping Fireworks doesn’t get left behind. Improved psd importing is a good thing, but if the biggest selling point for this new release is that image-gallery-maker-thinggy, I will not be impressed. I guess I should be grateful it didnt go the way of Freehand, but I just love my Fireworks. Don’t get me wrong, Photoshop is great for… uhm, “photoshopping”… but for interfaces, widgets, and general web stuff, Fireworks is the proverbial “shit“.

Also, I’ll be switching hosts pretty soon so there might be some down time. Probably not though, just sayn’.

the Fan 3.0

So we just started conceptualizing a new Fan video player and I was thinking it would be a nice time to make a post about good ol’ 3.0.

For those of you how haven’t heard of it, the Fan is the video player/delivery system for most of Comcast’s online network. It has been extremely well received by the public taking home the FlashForward 2006 People’s Choice award. This was the second project I worked on when I started at Comcast. I was responsible for the tab behavior, the curved menus on the sides, and the pop-up balloon menus that show up thought the interface. The design was done by the Alfredo Silva and the coding for the play-lists and video player (and other stuff) was done by Jeremy Landis. Currently, the Fan is maintained by Arpit Mathur and his crew.

You can only see the live version if you’re a Comcast subscriber at, but the beta version over at is available to anybody.


Yep. I’m starting a blog. Why? … Well, it’s mostly to blow off steam. I’ll be making a Flash front-end for WordPress so there will be a lot of posts about that. I might even experiment a bit with WPF. Who knows?

So, a blog about building a blog? Well, I’ll also be posting a bit about the Comcast projects I’m involved with. I work mostly with the R&D team so I can’t show much without proper clearance, but once in a while I might be able to show some interesting things here and there ;) .

Anyways, this blog is young. So what’s next?