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Snippage for AIR 1.0

Just a quick update to make Snippage work with AIR 1.0. I’m currently planning a rebuild from scratch with tons of new features so stay tuned.

Snippage 1.0 R10 for new AIR Beta 2

Yep, new version up. Unfortunately no new features. Just a quick update for the new AIR Beta 2. Because it’s a new runtime, you will need to upgrade manually instead of relying on Snippage’s auto-update feature. anyways, check it out at And thanks to Adobe for mentioning Snippage at the keynote for MAX. Very [...]

Snippage 1.0 R8

Just uploaded Release 8 of Snippage with a bunch of interaction tweaks and bug fixes. Also includes auto-updating (thanks to some very nice code from côdeazur) so upgrading to future releases will be less painful. I really appreciate all the support and positive feedback I’ve been getting over this app. Thanks to all. And please, [...]

Snippage AIR app

I’ve been playing around with the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for the last week or so, and came up with a little app. It started out as just a test to teach myself the ins and outs of as3 development in Flex Builder and AIR, but I’ve shown it to some friends and they seem [...]